Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far from the Convention Center is an interstate highway?
A: 5 miles

Q: Is it located close to a business district?
A: Yes. A business/historic district is one block away.

Q: Are there other hotels nearby?
A: Yes. There are seven hotel/motels within 5 miles. (800+ rooms)

Q: Is wireless internet access available at the Convention Center?
A: Yes

Q: Are any convention services available?
A: Yes. The Frankfort Tourism Commission.

Q: What is the seating capacity for conventions, concerts or assemblies?
A: 5,295

Q: How about banquet seating?
A: 800

Q: Is catering available?
A: Yes. We have an approved catering list and a holding kitchen available.

Q: What is the seating for the arena?
A: 5,295 chairback seats

Q: What about parking?
A: There are 2000 spaces available for auto parking.